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MDWfeatures is a British-based Press Agency and bespoke multimedia content provider. We specialise in the production of real-life feature stories.


From our global network of independent journalists, photographers and videographers we source and supply EXCLUSIVE words-picture-video content to the UK national newspapers, broadcasters, online news portals and international media outlets.


Our skilled editorial team works closely with media clients, public relations professionals and members of the public to ensure our carefully chosen stories are placed with world-renowned news, magazine and broadcast brands.


MDWfeatures' success depends on the long-term collaboration and goodwill of its contributors, so our dedicated staff ensure the people, clients and professionals we choose to work with receive complete support both during and after the production process.

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Freya Coombes

Features Reporter

Freya graduated from Lancaster University in with a degree in English Literature. Whilst at university, she spent two years freelance writing.

Freya loves to write and hopes to spread incredible and inspirational stories. 


Mahima Kaur

 Features Reporter

Since finishing her MA in Literature, Mahima's works have appeared in a number of publications around the globe. She joined Media Drum World with a drive to make an impact through powerful collaborations and with an incessant desire to learn from the very best in the field.

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Aimee Braniff Cree

Features Reporter

Aimee got her Masters in English Literature from the University of Ulster and was a freelance writer alongside her studies for two years working mostly in politics, feminism, Gen Z activism and climate justice.


Pursuing her passion for storytelling Aimee is looking to tell powerful and impactful stories.

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Molly Pennington

 Features Reporter

Molly graduated with a First-Class Bachelor of Arts in Politics with Philosophy from the University of Liverpool. Her degree was focused on the British media and the use of language.

She joined Media Drum World to pursue her passion for writing creative, powerful, and heart-wrenching stories.



"Freya was wonderful to work with and made me feel very comfortable sharing my story. She kept in contact and seems very genuine, although we've only ever e-met! She is a strong writer with a good eye for an interesting story." - Sam Stinchcomb.



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