MDWfeatures is a British-based Press Agency and bespoke multimedia content provider. We specialise in the production of real-life feature stories.


From our global network of independent journalists, photographers and videographers we source and supply EXCLUSIVE words-picture-video content to the UK national newspapers, broadcasters, online news portals and international media outlets.


Our skilled editorial team works closely with media clients, public relations professionals and members of the public to ensure our carefully chosen stories are placed with world-renowned news, magazine and broadcast brands.


MDWfeatures' success depends on the long-term collaboration and goodwill of its contributors, so our dedicated staff ensure the people, clients and professionals we choose to work with receive complete support both during and after the production process.

Meet The Team

Rebecca Drew

MDWfeatures Editor

Rebecca started working at the company in 2016 and soon found her passion for the type of incredible real life stories that look great in newspapers, magazines and on TV. Her warm nature and positive approach allows her to really get to know the people she is working with, treating each story with sensitivity to ensure that contributors’ best interests are protected. Most importantly, she will make sure your story is told in a way that you feel comfortable with. 


When she’s not in the MDWfeatures office, Rebecca can be found on the farm tending to her cows, down the pub and catching up with the latest celeb gossip.

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Kate Harrold

Features Reporter

Kate is a features reporter aiming to help you share your inspiring story. Working with a diverse group of contributors, she has a positive approach and treats each story with the care and sensitivity it deserves.


When Kate isn't in the office, she can usually be found with her cat and a good book, or on yet another trip to Disneyland.

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Courtney McHugh

Content Manager

Courtney is the content manager at MDWFeatures. She edits the social medias and blog and researches pictures. Her hard-working attitude helps her to organise all of the amazing features stories.

When Courtney isn't in the office, she is either drinking a G&T, walking her dog or watching RuPaul's Drag Race.


Who We Work With

Take a Break
The Sun
Pick Me Up
Daily Mail
Mail Online
Daily Star
Daily Mirror
The Times


“Rebecca contacted me about my story and we went through it until we got it right. She listened to all of my concerns and made sure that everything that I wanted to express was written in the article. She protected my interests and made sure that I was well taken care of they got my story out the way they promised that they would and they also got me a TV appearance which was so amazing and it helped a lot of people. I am so thankful to MDWfeatures for everything that they have done for me and my career, they took things to the next level for me and I really appreciate them for all the hard work they put in.”  - Iomikoe Johnson.




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